About Us

Wellpottedplants LLC is here to help you connect to plants and nature, so you can cultivate a life well-lived.

Founded in 2020. Passionate about plants, We wanted to help demystify them, make them accessible to non-horticulturists and elevate the experience beyond the local garden supply center. 

There's something in the simple act of being around, and caring for, plants that boosts our spirits and enhances our environments. It’s actually been established that every exposure to nature—from gardening to forest bathing to just sharing space with organic elements—mitigates the modern condition, that stressed-out state we find ourselves in all too often.

So we offer new ways to infuse this restorative beauty into as many everyday rituals as possible, through biophilic design that increases your connection to the natural world. It will ground you, fortify you and light you up.

Join us in cultivating a life well-lived.


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