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Office plant service and maintenance

Please feel free to contact us for a free quote at +971 58 501 6308.


Keeping plants looking their best requires deft skill and proven experience. Our Customer Service Specialists are office plant service experts who have been trained to properly water, prune, feed, clean and dust your plants. They will take full ownership of the livelihood of your plants. Rest assured that your plants will look healthy, vibrant and beautiful- all day, every day. We pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure that our customers can enjoy benefits office plants provide. 


Our commitment to our customers is best exemplified through the professional manner, high skill-level and passion of our Customer Service Specialists, many of whom have decades of experience.  Here at WELLPOTTED, there is no question or issue that we aren’t committed to resolving. Our excellent reputation is contingent upon converting your goals and expectations into works of art that simply take your breath away. Contact us through whatsapp or call at +971 58 501 6308.

Plant rental service process

You want to add a little green to your business but must do so within the confines of a budget? Our office plant rental service is here to help you turn your greenscape dreams into a reality. While we often create customized plant designs for clients, customers do have the option of choosing from a number of beautiful office plant packages that we have available.

Due to the individual care live plants require, we highly recommend signing up for our plant rental service. We provide you the option of renting living or replica plants. You will never have to worry about watering or dusting your plants and our team of dedicated interior landscaping professionals is always only a phone call away +971 58 501 6308.

Excellent customer service with a smile

WELLPOTTED recognizes that first impressions last. Therefore, we want your first impression to be the most positive and enjoyable experience possible. We want you to feel just how much we value your satisfaction. We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount and we want to share our customer service excellence with you. 

We don’t just want to have interactions with our customers, we want to build lasting relationships with them. Getting to know the personalities and preferences of our customers helps us to efficiently serve their needs.

Our customer service specialists have decades of plant care experience. We will satisfy your interior landscaping needs as well as your ongoing plant care services that will enhance your property and inspire minds. We will do this and so much more - with a smile!


The value of professional indoor plant maintenance

If you need help deciding what best suits your needs, simply reach out to us through whatsapp +971 58 501 6308 and we will promptly get back to you. If you have any other questions regarding office plant service or maintenance, give us a call at +971 58 501 6308 or mail us info@wellpottedplants.com

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