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AA Office Plant Bundle (9pcs) New

AA Office Plant Bundle (9pcs) New

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✅ Create a sense of well being

✅ Enhance Your Life

✅ Increase mood and productivity


What is the benefit of having plants at home?
Having plants in your home or office can be a source of pleasure. Indoor gardening relieves stress, boosts creativity, productivity, and focus, and promotes recovery. There's some evidence that houseplants may positively influence the air quality in your home as well.



About Plant

Hard to Kill indoor plants for office contains

Areca Palm 8 to 10 feet - Areca Palm is one of the best tropical foliage plants , easy to grow , and cleanse the indoor air as well. Areca palm benefits are so many that they make it one of the best houseplants you can grow!
✅ Improves air humidity
✅ Emits more Oxygen
✅ Beautifies the Interior
✅ Low maintenance and easy to care for
✅ Improves memory and attention span

Snake plant - Snake plant is one of those plants known for both looking good and improving air quality. The plant has distinct sword-like leaves that grow upright, having an uncanny resemblance to artificial foliage. Snake plants are easy to care for and maintain.

✅ A Great Oxygen Producing Houseplant
✅ It Removes Air Pollutants
✅ Grows in a Wide Range of Humid Conditions
✅ It Absorbs CO2 in the Night
✅ Easy to propagate

Money Tree - Money Plant (Pothos) is known to bring wealth and good luck to the house and helps in removing financial obstacles. Money plants act as natural air purifiers, as they filter toxins from the air. These good luck plants require very little maintenance. It is said that keeping a money plant in the house can help in achieving success in both personal and business fields.

✅ Have Air Purifying Properties
✅ Low maintenance care
✅ Create a sense of well being
✅ Boost productivity and cognitive function
✅ Enhance your life

ZZ Plant - ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia ) plant helps in cleaning the indoor air by absorbing pollutants such as xylene, toluene, and carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. Their upright stems, lush with glossy, dark leaves, add a tropical look to any room.Therefore, making it one of the few plants that not only look good but also have a purpose!

✅ Have Air purifying properties
✅ Helps in Stress Reduction
✅ Easy to propagate
✅ Offer ornamental values
✅ Low-maintenance / Easy care plant

Rubber Plant -The rubber plants are lucky plants for home and represent wealth and fortune , as its rounded leaves resemble coins. When placed in the home, these good luck plants are believed to provide abundance.

✅ Rubber Plant Has No Allergic Properties.
✅ Rubber Plant Helps Purify Air.
✅ Rubber Plant Requires Low Maintenance.
✅ Rubber Plant Is Easy To Grow.
✅ Rubber Plant Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

Dracaena - Dracaena is a popular houseplant known for its ornamental value. Dracaena is one of the most effective houseplants in air purification.

✅ Best Air Purifying Houseplant
✅ It Increases Concentration and Sharpens Focus
✅ It Increases Humidity
✅ Great Ornamental Value
✅ Low-Maintenance

Care Instructions

- Feel the Soil to Know How Often to Water Your Plants
- Prune Your Plants
- Keep an Eye Out for Yellow or Droopy Leaves
- Give your plants plenty of light.
- Fertilize your plants every few weeks

Shipping & Returns

All items are shipped with same day after placing an order via our website. Typical delivery time is around 2 days within dubai or 3 days other emirates, delivery depends on your location but we ask to allow 3-4 days . If your order does not arrive within those days, please contact us and we will make sure youlivening up your home by having a plantain no time! While we do not accept plant returns at this time, we guarantee that every plant will arrive in good health, and all plants are guaranteed for 24 hours after arrival.  (Please note: Repotting your indoor plant into a new container within the first 24 hours will void our 24 hours guarantee.)

What's Included

Healthy plant pre-potted with premium soil included pot


Enhance your life by having plants around you 🪴

Create An Indoor Oasis with Well Potted Plants® Fully-grown, healthy plants shipped straight to your front door!

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